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Established more than 60 years ago, the Poon Phol Group is a consortium of leading Thai corporations. Originally involved in trading agricultural products, the Group has expanded into food processing and property management and development. The Group is comprised of the following corporations:

Poon Phol Co.,Ltd. :
A holding company and trader of agricultural products
Pipatanasin Co.,Ltd. :
Property management and development
Poonpipat Co.,Ltd. :
Manager of warehouse spaces and wharves for rental
Rangsit Ruampatana Co.,Ltd. :
Owner and operator of Rangsit Fresh Market and Rangsit Apartment I & II
Producer of premium quality green mung bean starch and vermicelli
Leading company in vegetable oil industry, producer of soybean and sunflower oils under the famous brand �COOK�
Siam Quality Starch Co.,Ltd. :
Manufacturer of native and modified tapioca starch
Manufacturer of modified tapioca starch

Registered in 1970 and owner of land and properties for rent in prime locations in Central Bangkok and Rangsit, Pipatanasin Company Limited focuses on property management and development. Tenants include well-known establishments such as Future Park Rangsit Shopping Mall, Home Pro, Office Depot, Index Living Mall, Major Cineplex, Tesco Lotus and German Country Place Restaurants & Brewery.

Pipatanasin has residential apartments in Baan Suan Plu, Baan Nondzee and Rangsit Apartment, and office spaces in Sathorn Thani Complex and Pipatanasin Building for rent.
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